You Don’t have to be an Irishman to say…

“What’s the craic?”

In other words, how’s it going?

St. Patrick’s Day is one week away, ye shams!  No need to worry if your Irish accent isn’t honed (I know, I know, you perfect it after a few green beers).  You can still blather like an Irishman – impressing your friends, family, pub mates and dates!

There is more to sounding like an ossified Irishman than shamrocks, blarney stones and knowing the Notre Dame Fight Song. (Although, that helps. Go ND!)

Irish Greeting

You have to start somewhere.

hello im irish

1.  Hows the big size a ye = How are you?

That could be an interesting pick-up line.


Forget about Erin and her go braugh…

Bono = awesome sunglasses wearing, musical philanthropist

bono (

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2.  Slabber = someone who can’t keep a secret

3.  Bitta fluff = an attractive young woman

4.  Mucker = a friend


Because who isn’t always starving for ice cream?  And, bangers is just fun to say.

5.  Lee Marvin = starving

6.  Poke = Ice Cream Cone

7.  Bangers & Mash = sausages and potatoes



8.  Blootered = drunk

Tip: Shire waters from Cook McDoogal’s Irish Pub will sneak up on ye, & you’ll be blootered in no time!  Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

9.  Pre Swell = drinking before going to club/bar

10. Out on the razzle = a night out on the town


11. Horse’s Hoof = exaggerated story (we all have that one friend)

12. Pish = not good

13. Where’s the bog? = Where’s the toilet

14. Crabbit as a cat = in a bad mood


Not to make you crabbit as a cat, but Rudy was offsides.


15. Game O’Footy = game of football

16. It’s all gravy = uh, a very sweaty arse.  Ewww.

17.  Stick It in the Back of the Onion Bag = score a goal

Well, whether you head across the pond to Dublin or walk across the street to Cook McDoogal’s Irish Pub, ye will have the lingo ye needs for St. Patrick’s Day fun with chums!

** After conducting Irish slang research,  I will never be able to order the Fanny O’Toole from Cook McDoogal’s again without giggling.


An Irish Blessing

“May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face.

May LeaderOne help you buy your home

and find your place.


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