Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from Parks and Recreation

Ok, so I know this is a “Home After Divorce” site.  But really, who can make you feel more at home than Leslie Knope and her office?  No one (well except LeaderOne Financial).


Appreciate friends…and waffles.


Because, did you know…


And no matter what you do,
give it your all.


You’re never too old
to dress-up for Halloween.


Take time to dance with friends.


And, take time for Y-O-U


Exercise. Literally.


Stay informed about politics.


Be a Colts Fan.


Be kind to animals.


Don’t perpetuate entitlement.


Life is short.
Do karaoke.


Whipped Cream is a good thing.
ALWAYS get two cans…


It’s ok to put yourself out there for love.


Follow your dreams.


And try to always end on a good note.
And ALWAYS, drop the mic.


We are the Leslie Knope of Mortgage Lending.

Treat Yo Self, and give us a call 765-450-8933!

Laura Stiner

Laura Stiner

Real Estate Divorce Specialist at LeaderOne Financial
Laura joined our team as the Closing Coordinator and Office Manager.After working in Superior Court I, she also understands that there are unique issues pertaining to real estate and divorce.Her familiarity with the Court process provides insight regarding mortgage needs.Laura especially enjoys working in the historic downtown district within walking distance to some of her favorite restaurants, boutiques and events.
Laura Stiner