The Top 10 List
About Dating Someone in Kokomo

1.  We like to have FUN

…in storms, rain, snow, hot weather, freezing weather…and often times all in the same day.  Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes.

koko weather

2.  Which also means we like to cuddle

…in bathrooms…under stairwells…and in basements.  *safety first* (Please refer to the above weather-related post for reference.)


haynes apperson

photo via

Haynes-Apperson, Chrysler, Delphi and GM are all part of our history and our future. Date Tip: Be prepared to grill-out steaks at 7:30 in the morning, because that is dinner time for third-shifters.

4.  We.  Were.  First.  

And, this may carry over into other areas of our relationships.  It’s not our fault.  The concept of living in the City of Firsts is ingrained in us at an early age.

5.  We live for fair season!

howard county fair

photo via

The Haynes-Apperson Festival.  County fairs.  State fairs.

Date Tip: Romance IS kissing at the tippy-top of a ferris wheel. And, 4-H is more than character building:  It is community. So don’t be surprised when we talk about goats, pigs and projects on a date.

6.  We like to eat fried food!  

Who needs a sugar daddy (the candy, of course) when it’s all about the Fry Daddy? Oreo, fry it.  Vegetables, fry them.  Twinkie, fry it.  Snickers, dip it, coat it AND FRY IT.

fry daddy

7.  We like to eat farm fresh food!  

We have great respect for those dedicating their lives to farming.  If you love a farmer, you will know what it means to literally hold the Earth in the palm of your hands.

love a farmer

8.  We appreciate the seasons!

Hello, sunshine!!  At the first signs of Spring, windows are open & shorts are on! Because compared to forty degrees below zero, forty above IS WARM!

it's spring

9.  We like wheels…and balls.

It’s just how we roll.  Kokomo is on the path to reaching its potential; but in the meantime, we have always been creative with date-night activities.  For some of us, this means roller skating. Or for a more casual (less aerobic) date, we like bowling with a little friendly competition.

But let’s be honest:  When we hear the Ghostbusters Theme Song, we flashback to cruising on eight wheels under bright lights and chafing against carpet walls.  *Dreamy*

We like the outdoors.  If you haven’t seen a sunset over Northwest Park while watching softball, you don’t know how romantic a ball park can be.  To enjoy a picnic along the new bike trails, we don’t need a bicycle built for two…just a biking partner! When we have a real need for speed, we want to get down and dirty at the Kokomo Speedway under the lights. #DirtInTheHairDontCare

10.  We like it here 🙂

No matter where you live, it’s what you make of it.  The same can be said for dating. Some people think that our ‘manufacturing town’ is undeserving of uniqueness, culture, art, music and parks. Why? WE ARE WORTHY OF QUALITY OF LIFE HERE AND NOW.

The heart of our city, the Downtown District, is revitalizing with First Fridays, the Farmers’ Market, restaurants, pubs, salons and boutiques.   We want to go on dates in Kokomo!  It really is this simple!

Because nothing is hotter than a date to see
Old Ben and the World’s Largest Sycamore Stump.

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(  For other needs, please re-read the above blog post 😉  )

Laura Stiner

Laura Stiner

Real Estate Divorce Specialist at LeaderOne Financial
Laura joined our team as the Closing Coordinator and Office Manager.After working in Superior Court I, she also understands that there are unique issues pertaining to real estate and divorce.Her familiarity with the Court process provides insight regarding mortgage needs.Laura especially enjoys working in the historic downtown district within walking distance to some of her favorite restaurants, boutiques and events.
Laura Stiner